Wednesday, February 13, 2013

21 Weeks picture this week!  My photographer and I haven't been home at the same time very much this week between cheer and baseball coaching, conferences, and traveling.

how far along: 21 weeks...this is getting crazy!

size of baby: Baby G is the length of a carrot, or a pomegranate. 

development: Nothing too crazy is developing this week.

weight gain: 9 pounds?!  I think it was closer to 7 last week, but that is still 2 pounds per week in the last couple of weeks, so I need to slow down on indulging in treats, especially Valentine's Day candy.  Now that I have my afternoons back, I can start walking regularly, which should help.

symptoms: I've been getting pretty tired again, but I've also had a hectic schedule recently which could be contributing, and not many chances to sleep in and catch up.

exercise: I keep talking about walking regularly, but haven't quite gotten there yet.  I skipped ballet this week because I was so exhausted from two busy weekends in a row and a marathon crib-skirt sewing project, but it felt so good to clean the house and go to bed by 8:30!!
maternity clothes: Still getting away with the rubber band around the jeans button, but maternity jeans are definitely much more comfortable.  Most of my shirts are still long enough, hooray!

baby gear: I went a little crazy buying some adorable clothes, and registering for a ton more, to keep us from going broke!  I also went to JoAnn's and bought a ton of fabric and supplies for the nursery--I started making a crib sheet, crib skirt, Boppy cover, and changing pad cover.  I am also thinking of doing a nursing cover--but does anyone really use those??

cravings/aversions:The food thing has to get back under control.  Do you hear that Baby G?  I can't eat extra cookies just for you anymore.

movement: Yup, and it's a lot easier to feel when I wear my tighter jeans and my belly gets squeezed!

sleep: Not enough.

gender: IT'S A GIRL!!! :)

looking forward to: Sleeping allllllllll of next week.  Ok, and going shopping on Saturday.  But mostly sleeping.

what I miss: Umm...nothing really

worries: Nothing big at the moment, everything is looking good, although it would be nice to start coming up with some names soon...

milestones: Finding out the gender :)

best moment this week: Finishing that dang crib skirt!!!  Pictures to come for sure!

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.


  1. congrats on the girl, she will be one trendy lady!

  2. I have also gained a lot more weight then I expected this week. I think I've gain 12 pounds total.I need to start working out soon. I wish we still lived closer. I'm happy to hear you're doing well.

  3. I'm patiently waiting for your last 2 week updates :) I want to see the crib too!


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