Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20 Weeks

how far along: 20 weeks--how the heck am I already halfway?!

size of baby: A banana.  Good thing I eat one every morning in my smoothie!

development: I think the most exciting thing is that Baby G has taste buds now, although I guess that means I'd better watch what I eat, since right now, all food sounds good, all the time.

weight gain: 6 pounds; despite the abundance of food we had at the Super Bowl, I'm staying pretty steady at 1 pound per week.

symptoms: Well, my belly is finally starting to get bigger, but other than that, I can't complain.

exercise: I'm going to try to work in another run this afternoon, and starting next week, I'll be home in the afternoons when it's light out and be able to go more regularly :)
maternity clothes: Nothing new; I ordered a t-shirt from Gap but they only had a Large and it was too big, so I'm sending it back.  I've been on the hunt for cute spring clothes, but so far it's just depressing to find so much cute stuff but very few maternity choices :(  I think I'm going to try some stuff on in stores to see what I can get away with that's regular still.

baby gear: Nothing new, but the shopping is on this weekend and next!

cravings/aversions: I still want all the food.  I've been allowing myself to be a little bit naughty in my snack/dessert choices, like having some crackers in the morning before lunch when I wouldn't regularly.  I know the hunger is a good thing, but I should probably try to channel that into some healthier choices.

movement: I think now I can say a definitive yes!  I'm feeling it a lot more regularly and it's starting to get stronger, which is freaky.  I haven't seen anything or felt it from the outside yet, though.

sleep: I didn't get to sleep in this weekend, between Upward games and cleaning for our Super Bowl party, and this is a long workweek of practices and games, but I'm looking forward to vegging some this weekend and next week when I have my life back from coaching!

gender: Here is the tally my students have created so far; I think it's pretty even.  I believe the count of people I know is now 3-2 boys, so I guess that puts the odds in favor of a girl?  I can't WAIT to find out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

looking forward to:  Cheer ends next Tuesday, and the week after is a full week off of school.  I have lots of fun plans like shopping in Walnut Creek with my friend Natalie, and the annual Alpha Phi Regional Conference.  And napping.  Definitely lots of napping.  And shopping.  And probably nesting.

what I miss: Cute clothes!  I swear I've looked everywhere and am not having any luck finding what I really want this season.  Any suggestions I might be missing that won't break the bank? I've looked at Target, Gap, Old Navy, LOFT, Destination Maternity, and Zulilly, and at some point, I'm going to drive over to the Forever 21 that has a maternity department in Modesto.  I wish the Forever 21 maternity and Gap maternity were in the same mall or general location, but that seems to be too much to ask for. #firstworldproblems

worries: Just hoping everything goes well tomorrow.

milestones: Halfway!  Although I just have this feeling that the second half is going to go much more slowly and Baby G is going to hang out for a few extra days anyway.

best moment this week: I was going to say Super Bowl food, but I think it was actually the satisfaction of cleaning the house and finishing the laundry before everyone got there.  It felt really good to be productive!

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.

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