Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What to Wear When You're Knocked Up: 1st Trimester

I'm doing What I Wore Wednesday a little differently this week :)

Basically, during my first trimester, I couldn't see much change.  I had fat days and normal days, depending on what I ate and my "bloat".  For the most part, my jeans still fit without being very uncomfortable, and unless I wear a tight shirt, you can't see anything.  Even in a tight shirt, I just look sort of fat.  I wish this thing would round out and look like a "bump" instead of a "ooh, she let herself go over the holidays" pooch.

So far, I haven't bought many maternity clothes, but here's what I found pretty essential these past couple of months.  Oh, and keep in mind that it's winter, so even though I live in California and our "winter" consists of 40-60 degree temperatures, we keep our house pretty chilly and all I want to put on every single morning are sweats and my fluffy Christmas blanket.  I won't lie, I tie it around me and wear it most days at home. No, I'm not going to put up a picture of that.

Gap maternity tanks

These tank tops are so incredibly long, and as a tall girl, it's nice to know they're always covering everything. Plus, their material is designed to stay in place over a baby bump, so they won't ride up on a fat day, or after a Chipotle burrito.  I bought one black and one white on Black Friday for some awesome price like $7, and then I liked them so much that the next time I was in SF, I dragged Tommy, Natalie, and her husband back into Gap and bought another white one.

GapFit gFlex pants in LONG

So. Long. This is the first pair of workout pants I've found that are actually long enough and don't shrink. The material is awesomely supportive and makes my butt look great, and they don't need a belly to keep them up. They go below the belly, so they're actually just really comfy and my stomach can pooch right over the top. I'm sure that'll be the case with a baby bump too :)

Fleece-lined leggings from Bed Bath and Beyond

Ok, so these aren't really maternity pants, but they're lined with fleece for goodness sake!! I'll just pull them below the bump because I'm not giving these babies up!

Target sweater dress

I still can't quite figure out how this is maternity--it's not stretchy and doesn't have ruching on the side, but it's perfect with my fleecy leggings when I don't want to wear pants.

Target sweatshirt tunic

This isn't maternity wear, but I could literally wear this every day with leggings and be happy.  It's like wearing a hoodie, but you look put together.  I have the cranberry color and I went back and bought a navy blue and white striped one too.  I wish they were a tiny bit longer, but they cover my butt and that's what counts, right?

Nothing too exciting yet, but I still wear my skinny jeans, boots, and a sweater the days when I don't wear leggings and one of the long sweatshirt tunic things.  I'm looking forward to the weather warming up (I know, I know, I'm a baby, it's not that cold!) so I can put some cuter outfits together and come out of hibernation!

pleated poppy

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