Wednesday, January 23, 2013

18 Weeks

how far along: 18 weeks

size of baby: a bell pepper, or a sweet potato?

development: Lots of growing, and lots of movements...yawning, hiccuping, sucking, and swallowing.

weight gain: 3-4 pounds depending on the day, but I feel muuuuuuuuch bigger.

symptoms: Not many this week, maybe starting to get more hungry?

exercise: Just ballet; I was so excited to be home by 3:30 today and go for a run, but it rained, so I ironed instead. Whomp whomp.
maternity clothes: I bought a pair of Gap jeans online for sale for about $30, and a cute long-sleeved maternity t-shirt just to push the pre-sale price up to $50 so I could get free shipping. #onlineshoppinglogic.  I'm hoping the jeans get here soon, because depending on the day, my jeans are super uncomfortable.

baby gear: Thanks to my dad, my husband, and a three-day weekend, the crib is now in the nursery (and not in my living room)!!!  I used a Michael's gift card for some new craft supply storage and I've put most of it in these weird cubby things we have in our bedroom.  I think I'm going to store paper/crafty supplies in there and use the dining room table to spread out to work (since goodness knows we don't use it to eat!) and set up my sewing machine and supplies in the guest room since I use that more often.  Too bad my closet doesn't look as awesome as this one, but those two cubes do give me a lot of functional storage.  Maybe someday I'll have an epic craft closet, and maybe I'll even actually use it!

I posted this picture on Instagram of my old dresser that I took outside and painted while the guys did their real project, installing a shed behind the garage.  Don't worry, I used no-VOC paint and was outside the whole time!  I have no idea if the color will work with the nursery as a whole once I get going, but I had a test can of it and some free time :)

cravings/aversions: Nope, I just like food :)

movement: Still in the maybe zone.

sleep: Good, with a few cat exceptions

gender: 2 weeks until we find out!!

looking forward to: 2 weeks till the big anatomy scan!  And only about three weeks until cheer is done and my life resumes balance.

what I miss: The warm weather this weekend was a nice teaser for spring, but the rain is killing me today.  I miss sunshine!

worries: As the anatomy scan gets closer, it's a little scary because I know they can find some big stuff then, and I know I'll relax a lot after that.

milestones: ?

best moment this week: Sleeping in on Monday FOR SURE!

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.

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