Wednesday, January 16, 2013

17 Weeks

Yay, I'm finally caught up editing pictures from the last three weeks :)  I feel like this picture is misleadingly small for how much I think I'm showing this week, though!

how far along: 17 weeks

size of baby: an onion

development: Baby G is developing bone instead of cartilage, and putting on some fat, just like me!

weight gain: 3 pounds...I can't believe it's not more after all of the junk I ate this weekend! Donuts, In N Out, chocolate covered strawberries...thank you, rush weekend

symptoms: Ugh I threw up again this week. I can't move too fast or put anything tight on when I first wake up apparently. Good thing I have a lot of leggings!

exercise: Ballet, and walking up and down three flights of stairs at Alpha Phi all weekend

maternity clothes: Trying to find a good pair of jeans that will be long enough, and not $200. Any suggestions? It's so hard to see what will actually work by looking online, and I feel like a lot of brands decrease their quality for their maternity lines. Has anyone else found this to be true? Can I trust that Gap jeans will fit similarly to their non-maternity counterparts? I wear jeans a lot of days, so I'd like to get a couple of pairs that are good quality, especially since I hope to be pregnant again at some point.

baby gear: Stuck in research mode until we find out the gender or decide to commit to some big purchases. We need to see some strollers in person, and not just the Graco travel systems they have at Babies R Us. I found a couple of stores that carry the UppaBaby Cruz, which is my first choice, but I just added the Mamas and Papas Urbo and the JJ Cole Broadway. I also put the Britax B-Ready on my list, and I already know I like it, since Lindy has one, but I found out it comes in navy :) Colors are obviously my first priority in stroller choice. Too bad all of the good colors come with a much higher price tag. But seriously, we like that most of these have adjustable handles since Tommy is a giant. They are all much harder to find in stores, though, so we may be on quite the journey. Most of them can adapt to a Chicco KeyFit or Britax car seat, which are the two I am leaning toward right now. I am hoping to do some organizing this weekend to open up some space in the middle room so we can finally put the crib in there and out of its box in our living room!

cravings/aversions: As I explained it to the girls, it's not that I crave anything in particular, it's just that most junk food suggestions sound amazingly good--better than usual, but I'm not going to die without them.

movement: Maaaaybe some, but it's so hard to tell when it's sporadic and usually in the evening when my stomach is doing a lot of digesting anyway.

sleep: Not enough this weekend! I was at Alpha Phi until almost 2 on Friday night doing stats and building lists, and then we had a lockdown because there was apparently a gunman on the levy. Oh, Stockton. Our poor consultant was so freaked out, but we tried to tell her it was normal.

gender: 3 weeks until we find out!!

looking forward to: Buying some stuff :) And getting organized so we can start the nursery. And my week off in February. And the end of high school basketball season so I actually have time to watch what really matters--NCAA.

what I miss: Warm weather! Is it spring yet?

worries: Not much; I got to hear the heartbeat on Thursday, and I'm finally starting to show so I actually feel pregnant.

milestones: The cat is finally out of the bag with most of my students! I have to admit, as much as they drive me crazy, most of them have been really cute about the baby. My cheerleaders are obsessed with touching my belly and talking to it, even though I told them it can't really hear much yet. My students are all campaigning to be babysitter/godparent/namesake/etc. It's weird how excited the boys are, and adorable.

best moment this week: As exhausting as it was, formal recruitment was so fun this weekend. I took a ton of pictures of how AMAZING the house looked each day, and I can't wait to post them. The girls worked so hard and had such a positive attitude throughout the whole weekend. I seriously couldn't believe how little everyone complained. And now they have 22 beautiful new sisters to show for their hard work!

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.

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  1. I wore the same gap maternity size as I did pre pregnancy. For a cheaper option I liked the old navy long maternity pair I bought.


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