Wednesday, December 5, 2012

11 Weeks

Another picture fail!  Sorry, too exhausted and bloated (yes, I know pregnancy is going to make me fat at some point, but it's no fun when it's just gas!!)
how far along:  11 weeks

size of baby:  Baby G is now the size of a lime.  Which is fitting since I had margaritas (virgin of course!) finally this week!

development:  Baby G is moving like crazy, and might be getting hiccups.

weight gain: Despite eating some major crap this week again (I'm seeing a bad pattern here...), no change morning to morning.  Morning to night is another story...
symptoms: You can still definitely see a belly in a leotard after dinner, and it was BAD this week at ballet, but it could totally still be after-dinner bloat, and it's been flattening out in the morning.  I did throw up for the first time today :(  It wasn't major, but occasionally in the mornings I will cough or something that triggers my gag reflex and it's touch and go, but today I actually had to sit at the toilet and dry heave.  Lovely.  Since it was the morning and I hadn't eaten yet, nothing really came up, but it was an experience I was really hoping to pass up.

exercise:  Ballet was a much better class this week, except for getting winded every two seconds.  Thank goodness it's a slow-paced adult class; I couldn't keep up with teenagers right now.  Other than that, not much, I've been back to being really tired when I get home after school.  I guess I did coach my first Upward Cheerleading practice at church on Saturday, which involved warming up and doing some motions with the girls.  That counts, right?

maternity clothes:  Nothing new.  Those tank-tops are A-MAZING, and I wear them under everything.  Pants are less comfortable, and I pretty much just want to wear my fleece-lined leggings from Bed, Bath & Beyond every day.  Oh, you haven't heard of those yet?  Two of my friends and I are campaigning to be their official spokeswomen, we've been telling so many people.  They are only $10, and seriously the softest, thickest leggings ever.  Go buy some right now.

baby gear: Nothing new here either.  I have been doing a ton of research and pinning like crazy to my secret maternity board so people don't think I'm nuts, but I'm going to try to wait until at least the new year to start buying more. 

cravings/aversions: Nothing out of the ordinary.  Healthy food still doesn't sound much good.

 movement:  None.

sleep:  Good, but I'm still super tired all the time.

gender: No idea.  I am trying to prepare myself for the idea of having a boy, because I just feel so unprepared for raising a boy.  Boys are weird.

looking forward to:  Christmas break for sure.  Only two weeks, and finals week only sort of counts!!

what I miss: Nothing really, I've been satisfying most of my "I can't have this anymore" cravings by cheating safely (cooked sushi, virgin margaritas, pasteurized brie)

worries:  Starting to get nervous about telling everyone.

milestones: ?

best moment this week:  Actually, we had a lot of awesome things this week.  Saturday night I hosted our Alpha Phi advisors and exec Christmas party, so I got to see my besties again for a sleepover, and I totally rocked the secret virgin margaritas all night long, throwing everyone's game off.  Some of the collegiates thought our third stocking was suspect, so I said "Cheers!" and told them it was for our cats.  Which it actually is.  I hid the baby stocking.  I finally outed myself to Natalie because she tried to talk me into taking shots later, and I couldn't hold it in.  It was so fun to be able to tell her and sneak her the picture from the ultrasound. (sorry Megan and Joleen, I love you guys and you'll find out at New Years!!)  Then, on Tuesday night, my dad and my Mimi from Illinois came out to see our house and take us and some friends to a Pacific basketball game.  I don't get to see Mimi very often, and the game was really fun--Go Tigers!  I can't wait to be able to tell our families about the baby :)

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info. 

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