Monday, November 5, 2012

Meet Cotton

This is Cotton.

One day, I went to Safeway to get groceries, and a man was standing in front of Safeway.  "Do you want a cat?" he says.  "Well, yes I do," I replied.  She looked so sad and pitiful, all 1.2 pounds of her, so I figured we could take her in and at least get her cleaned up and well fed and then determine whether or not to keep her.  Tommy was very excited about this decision.  Almost as excited as Rose was.  For weeks, Rose did not come near us or this strange, rat-like creature we had adopted.  Then, Cotton started to run at Rose and try to attack her they began to hesitantly approach each other.  Our concern then became in leaving them alone together; would we come home to a bloody Cotton carcass?  Luckily, Rose began to fight back the two soon began to engage in more friendly wrestling matches.

And eventually, Rose even began to tolerate Cotton.  No cuddling as of yet, but since Cotton hasn't yet learned to groom herself properly, there has been some motherly grooming.

Even though she looks more like a small rat than a kitten, Cotton enjoys many things that real cats do, such as napping in the sun,

burying herself in bedding and clothes,

  and getting into mischief.

So, we've decided to keep her.  What Tommy doesn't want you to know, is he's really the one who fell for her.  Sorry for the low-quality phone picture.  It was taken in stealth.

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