Wednesday, November 21, 2012

9 Weeks

how far along:  9 weeks

size of baby:  This week Baby G is the size of a grape

development: I'm officially cooking a fetus, not an embryo anymore!  It's starting to look more and more like a baby, and almost all of the main features are developed--no more tail.

weight gain:  I'm fluctuating a lot morning to night, but day-to-day seems to be about the same.  Let's see how that goes after Thanksgiving :)

maternity clothes:  None.

symptoms: Still pretty tired all the time, and general nausea.  I've tried keeping some peppermints in my purse, and that seems to help, along with peppermint tea.  I'm SO thankful that I haven't actually thrown up at all, but I'm looking forward to feeling back to normal (or is that just a pregnancy myth?) in a few weeks.

exercise:  No ballet for Thanksgiving, but I got in a short walk with Tommy once...definitely need to keep working on that.  Daylight Savings Time is killing me.

cravings/aversions:  Nothing major; cheesy, fatty foods still sound a lot better than veggies and I generally have very little interest in food, other than getting it down to feel a little less nauseous.

movement:  None.

sleep:  Better, other than the fact that right now 10-11 hours is about ideal and 8-9 is the most I can feasibly stretch it to.

gender: Still nervous about having a boy and not knowing what to do.  No ideas yet though.

looking forward to: Seeing my dad and going to the city for Thanksgiving, and making it to Christmas break.

what I miss: SUSHI!  I think I'm going to talk Tommy into going and try to find something that isn't raw.

worries:  Nothing major, I just want to get through into the second trimester.

milestones: We have a fetus!

best moment this week:  Red Dress Gala with my Alpha Phi sisters was SUPER fun.  Everyone stayed at my house so they could enjoy the wine, and we stayed up until 3:00 am talking, just like we were 13.  I think it kicked our butts a lot more now at twice that age, though.  I know that I definitely needed a nap.  Natalie and I split a basket at the live auction with a ton of cute accessories, so I have a lot of new headbands and scarves to wear if I ever make it out of my jeans and Uggs.  I'm pretty proud that I pulled off a night of not drinking around them--guess that cold was worth it!  I may have lied and told them I was on antibiotics, although I won a baby basket in the silent auction, which caused about 5 girls to run up to me and ask if I was pregnant.  I played it off as just loving baby stuff and getting some Christmas presents for Ada.  I think everyone bought it except for Natalie.  I don't think she bought it even a little bit, but I think she gave me the grace of waiting until the second trimester.

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.  

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