Wednesday, November 14, 2012

8 Weeks

Picture FAIL this week.  Oh well, nothing to see bump-wise anyway.  Here's a cat picture to make it better.

how far along:  8 weeks

size of baby:  This week Baby G is the size of a raspberry (loving the fruit comparisons)

development: The tail is almost gone, but we do have webbed fingers and toes now :)

weight gain:  I've been really bad about weighing myself, but it can't be good.  Too much junk food.

maternity clothes:  Nope.

symptoms: I don't know about symptoms, but I had a nasty cold/sinus infection this week. It caused a horrible cough, and I was glad to be off on Monday instead of taking a sick day. Supposedly increased mucus production is a symptom, so that could be part of it. Or I could have just caught some nasty germs from school. I've also been more nauseous, luckily not actually sick, but the coughing hasn't helped my gag reflex. 

exercise:  I skipped ballet again :( This cold really kicked my butt, and I've been going to bed around 8. I'm too exhausted and nauseous when I get home to do anything. I can feel the laziness though, Nd I want to get some walks in again. 

cravings/aversions:  Still want to puke every time I think about rice. And we're eating a ton of fast food, but I think that's partially due to laziness. We really have to get back on a normal meal kick, though. It's getting gross. 

movement:  None.

sleep:  I had a lot of trouble sleeping with my cough, and woke up with some major coughing attacks. 

gender: Nervous that it's going to be a boy and I'm going to be clueless. Girl toys and books I know, but boys are weird. 

looking forward to: Alpha Phi's Red Dress Gala this Saturday--a lot of my besties from college are coming into town and staying over with me so they can enjoy some wine at the event.  Not sure how to cover that I'm not drinking--they're pretty smart!

what I miss: Wine, but only because everyone else will be having some.

worries:  A lot less right now, because...

milestones: ...we had our first appointment today! I really like my doctor; he seems very down-to-earth and practical, and he told me I could take cold medicine.  Best of all, he gave us an ultrasound so we could hear the baby's heartbeat!  Baby G still looks like a small blob, so the visual wasn't as exciting, but it was crazy to hear that there is actually a small child(ish) in there!!

best moment this week:  See above.  Duh.

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info.  


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