Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Sooooo....I have a lot of clothes.  And I REALLY like them all :)  I've been trying to weed out my closet, but I have so many pieces that I love that makes it hard!  Unfortunately, I find it difficult to motivate myself to get cute each day.  To be fair, I teach at a high school full of hormonal teenagers, so I highly doubt any of them are paying any attention to what I'm wearing, but it does make me feel better to wear real clothes.  Thus, I've decided that I'm going to try to keep myself accountable to actually wearing some of the adorable new clothes I've been buying this fall.  And shoes.  And jewelry.  Anyway, to that end, I found an awesome link party at The Pleated Poppy called What I Wore Wednesday.  I originally saw it on my friend Jamie's blog here.  Long story short, today, I'm linking up!

pleated poppy

Here's a few of the outfits I've worn in the last week(ish) ;)

Ok, this one's the oldest.  I wore it on a date to BJ's with the hubs.  You can tell it's old because my roots aren't that bad yet.  Dress from Target, shoes from Target last year (they have seahorses on them, what up), and watch is Betsey Johnson from Macy's.  Oh, and my iPhone cover is Lilly Pulitzer. :) Please ignore the awkward second mirror in the background; I wish I had a good excuse.

 I found this dress at the Gap on sale over the summer; I love the wrap and the soft jersey.  My shoes are Report from Marshall's (TJ Maxx? Not going to lie, I don't know which store it is; they all look the same to me.  Honestly, I went because it's next to Target).  My necklace was on sale at LOFT this past week, so I picked it up along with a fun new fall outfit after a massage last week.  I know, rough life :)

I was almost late to school today coming up with this one.  This is why you should plan outfits the night before.  Or don't get lazy (by Tuesday) and decide to switch to jeans at the last minute.  The tunic is super old, probably from LOFT (? I could go look in the laundry, but then I'd have to see the giant pile of ironing I haven't done yet), necklace from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 a couple of years ago, American Eagle jeans, Target (?) belt, and BCBGirls shoes.  

Sidebar: do you know how awesome shoe polish is???  I feel like I have several brand new pairs of shoes.  It's possible that I should have polished them before year 3 or 4 of owning them, but daaaaaaang it makes a difference.

Notice how much better the photo quality gets in each picture as they go from iPhone to point-and-shoot to DSLR (ok, and the natural light).  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to focus this camera, so this is the only picture out of about 50 that I took of this outfit and our dining room, that is actually in focus.  Try not to look at how awkward my hand looks holding it.  Cardigan from American Eagle, tank top from Old Navy (under $5!!), bow necklace from Forever 21 last year, leggings from Forever 21, and no idea where the belt is from.  Probably Target.

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  1. You are posting again!
    I like the last 2 outfits, I would wear them if I had any fashion :)


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