Monday, October 8, 2012

Rock Solid Run for Fun

This Saturday, our church hosted its first annual "Run for Fun" 5k and 10k to support our Rock Solid Sports program.  I've been coaching cheerleading at First Baptist Church since I was in college, and this program totally has my heart.  I knew Tommy would want to run since he did his first 5k at the Linden Cherry Festival this spring, but I wasn't sure I could do it.  I haven't been running in over a month, and I haven't gone any distance past about a mile in much longer than that.  I didn't want to be the only one having to stop and walk, but I put my running clothes on anyway, just in case.  Due to our failure to read the bulletin, we showed up an hour early to the race and helped set up.  During that hour, I got over my chickening out and decided to try it.  I started out falling right into a 10:00 pace, and the first mile felt surprisingly good.  I decided to wait to break until 1.5 miles, or maybe even 2, but once I hit those markers, I realized that I didn't need to stop yet.  Once I hit 2.5 miles, I realized there was no way I was going to stop no matter what.  
At that point, it was farther than I think I have ever run, and I figured if I had already pushed myself that far, why quit?  I made it to the finish line right at 30:58!! I still can't believe I actually ran 3 miles, and I'm not sure why I've been such a baby on my own runs, thinking I can barely make it a mile. 

My awesome husband, who has actually been running regularly, finished in 1st place with a time of 23:11.  Even though it was a super small race, I'm pretty impressed :)  He got a nifty hat to show off his win, along with our race t-shirts.  You can tell how excited he is to have this picture put on the internet.  I love you babe!  Our friends Matt and Ali won first place in the 10k race, so they all have matching hats to wear around together at our next Newlywed Club date night.  I'm sure they'll all rock them proudly.
After the race, the church hosted a pancake breakfast and raffle for us, and out of all the baskets we put our tickets in, we won the Pacific Tigers basket, getting a few new pieces of organizational clothing, 4 tickets to a game, and, most importantly, orange and black cookies.  You'd better believe I enjoyed eating for the rest of the day.  Ok, weekend.  Who am I kidding?  I'll probably stretch this to justify eating whatever I want all week.  I think as long as I am still in pain from the run, the calories don't count!  It's mostly just my left hip flexor, but everything feels stiff. 

Actually, that could also be from the 15 push-ups I did on Friday when I subbed for P.E. and one of my students bet me that he wouldn't talk in class for a week if I could do 15 push-ups.  I'm not dumb; I took that bet in a heartbeat.  This week is going to be gloriously quiet.
I'm still amazed what my body is capable of when I get out of my own head, and a little embarrassed that I've been holding myself back out of laziness.  Linking up with Ashley for Move it Monday!


  1. I am newer to running (I always start, then stop) and latelys I have been thinking that most of it is mental. Some days I love running and I cannot wait to get home to run, others I constantly look at the clock...

    I hope I can soon run three miles! That is amazing and for me, under 14 minutes is wonderful! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!

  2. Way to go Mindy! That is an awesome 5k time, you did great! And congrats to your husband, small race or not that is pretty sweet. And faster than I'll ever run :). Happy to see you linking up!


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