Wednesday, October 31, 2012

6 Weeks

how far along:  6 weeks

size of baby
 A sweet pea! Baby G is about a quarter of an inch long now. That's nuts--that means it's already visible!development: We're getting a nose, ears, and mouth this week. :)

weight gain:  None yet, I've had some lovely bloating but nothing big. I think I'm actually down 2 pounds, but I'll chalk that up to coaching stress.

maternity clothes:  None yet, pretty excited to buy some though!

symptoms: Occasional nausea or dizziness, and some pain in my hip flexors. Tired and moody, but that could certainly be because it's nearing the end of football season and we hosted 65 girls for a mini cheer camp last week.

exercise:  I take ballet once a week at a local studio, which I LOVE and hope I can continue most of the way through. It's an adult class, so the pace is very low-stress. Just for funsies, I might crash the advanced class once my belly starts showing.

cravings/aversions:  Nothing really, sometimes nothing sounds good, sometimes everything does.

movement:  None.

sleep:  Fine, although I could use more. Is football season over yet? My hips and knees bother me most at night, so I've had to start sleeping with a pillow between my legs. Maybe I'll invest in one of those big preggo body pillows. Tommy didn't believe me that those were a real thing!

gender: No idea!

looking forward to
:  The end of football season, the holidays, although not Halloween tomorrow--worst holiday ever for a teacher. Thank goodness I'll be at a training on Thursday to miss the candy rush!  Definitely excited to be able to tell everyone, and to start showing.  #thingsyouonlysayinyourfirsttrimesterofyourfirstpregnancy

 what I miss: Beer! Being able to go to The Abbey or BJ's on Saturday night and have a relaxing drink after a long week.  Oh, who am I kidding--having a beer on a Tuesday night after a long day! 

worries:  Plenty. The first doctor appointment is scary, making it to the magic 12 weeks, throwing up in front of 36 teenagers...

milestones: I started doing weekly belly shots and blog entries. Can't wait to be able to post them :)

best moment this week:  Newlywed Club date at the corn maze on Saturday. 

Thank you to The Bump and Babycenter for the wonderful info. 


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