Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garage Sneak Peek

Although Tommy dreams of the day his garage will turn into the man cave/sports bar/official distributor of JC's Baptist Brew of his dreams, progress has been a little slow.

First, let's start with the vision (cue awesome music):

Lockers like these to store the larger tools:

Pottery Barn

Gallery wall like this to showcase our awesome sports photos, focusing on the wall color with the dark frames offset by white mats:

Also Pottery Barn

We (I use that term lightly) also knew *we* wanted an awesome bar complete with kegerator and a workbench to organize all of the tools we needed to create all of this goodness.  The other must-have was a giant chalkboard wall so that we could not only celebrate March Madness in style, but debate things like Barney in How I Met Your Mother.  Please try not to judge how much of our life is based off of TV shows.

The HIMYM wiki might be my new favorite website.

So here's where we are so far today:

So far, Tommy has built an awesome and awkwardly pretty workbench for the tools, and is working on building doors and drawers.  It makes for a good man date activity.  I'll let him explain how all of that works, since I don't really do power tools, but isn't it pretty?



*We* also painted the walls blue (surprise).  The green paint was actually really fun and fresh, but I couldn't get the image of the blue against the crisp black and white out of my head.  I took eight of my favorite sports photos of Tommy and I's illustrious athletic careers to Photoshop and made them a dark, grainy, black-and-white, like you'd see in the sports pages.  Those went next to OUR AWESOME GIANT CHALKBOARD WALL (cue music again).  And yes, we did fill our brackets in on it this year.  My teams were pink, Tommy's were blue.  Yep, it's been that long since we did stuff and didn't blog about it (and haven't done anything since).

Legen...wait for it...


We love the way it looks so far...if you pay no attention to the extra couch, card table, rakes, shopvac, crib (don't ask), etc. taking the place of Tommy's dream bar.  I think I promised him something around Christmas about making this room the focus of all of our projects until it gets done...Wife of the Year right here!!

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