Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dining Room Summer Updates

We recently added a few things to make our dining room start to come together.  I love the bright colors of the rug and curtains mixed with my summer tablescape, and the shelves provide a great opportunity for vignettes, although we had to cat-proof them so they weren't so appealing to be jumped on!

The rug is my first Dash and Albert purchase.  Since I found them, I have become completely obsessed and would buy every color combination they make if I had the space.  I wasn't sure Tommy would be on board with such a bold color, so I gave him a choice between this and a neutral sisal rug, and he chose this one!



The table runner is some napkins we got from Crate and Barrel two years ago as part of our registry that I sewed together.  The centerpiece was a lot prettier two weeks ago when I had some roses that I cut from our yard in the Mason jars, but I was too lazy to find some more to take pictures today.  My mother-in-law got me these adorable napkin rings from Z Gallerie a few years ago; crustaceans are always perfect for summer!

Around the time I purchased the rug, I also found these awesome curtains on clearance at Anthropologie.  Tommy was a bit more skeptical about the polka dots, but I think they look great now that they're up!

I have a few fun accessories from Target, like the awesome yellow cow creamer, that we determined would be perfect for taking shots, and the nautical-rope-knot-ball-thing (technical term).  My spider plant is recovering slowly from being mauled by Rosie when I first brought it home, and I love the little dish I found at Ikea to put the pot in so I can over-water to my heart's content.  Try not to judge the fact that we still have about 2 bags of leftover taffy from our wedding. Is our two-year anniversary really coming up next week??

Our built-in cabinet got a bit of a makeover  with some blue paint and glass knobs, also from Anthropologie.  It now houses our excessive Mason jar collection, complete with lids, along with various candlestick-type objects and this beautiful teacup that Tommy's grandma gave me at my wedding shower.

Last but not least, we've become winos.  I blame Tommy's dad for giving us his duplicates so he can buy new wine and for taking us wine tasting!  My favorite wine stopper is this awesome octopus; again, sea creatures are essential for summer entertaining.

 We still need something for the giant blank wall on the other side of the table.  I saw a mirror that I liked at Ikea, but I'm not sure it's big enough.  I'd also like to work this picture in there somehow. 

Lupen Grainne Photography

I think he will tie in nicely with my creamer.

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  1. Very classy and very clever Min! ... L D


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