Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest has changed my world.  There, I said it.  But seriously, it is amazing for being able to collect inspiration and organize it.  I can't even imagine how awesome this would have been when I was wedding planning, but I'll settle for obsessing over projects to do in our new house.

So, naturally, when I saw the Pinterest Challenge thrown down by Katie and Sherry, I was super excited to try a new project!  Since I just bought my beautiful new Frye boots, also inspired by Pinterest, I decided free was the way to go for this project.  I went through my DIY board to see what was there, and I found these:

Pinned here

So cute, right? Luckily, I had a leftover set of grommets from a curtain project I helped a friend with a few weeks ago.

First, I measured the distance I wanted each hole to be from the last and marked a dot to use as the center of my hole.

I used the handy-dandy punch and an Exacto knife to cut the holes for the grommets.

Next, although that bright brassy gold was so gorgeous, I spray-painted the grommets white.

Next came the hammering--no pictures here!  That would be dangerous.  This part was actually quite tricky, because there was a piece that went on each side of the grommet, and you have to hit them HARD to get the punch to actually smush the ring around, if that makes sense.

Here they are all done, minus the bows.  Since this was a free project, I'm going to wait on buying ribbon.  Good thing I have months of hot weather left before I have to worry about rain :)

If you want to see what else I'm inspired by, follow me on Pinterest :)

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  1. Super cute! :) Good job! :) I had a blast doing this challenge!

  2. that is pretty cool. great job :)


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