Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Patio Redo and Backyard Destruction

Soooooooo..... It's been a while since we finished the patio and unfortunately there are no photos of the after except in the July 4th post and later on in this post as I destroy the yard. The patio would just not look right and eventually had to resort to finding plastic templates that help space out the bricks. After the 8th redo (actually 3, but who's counting?) I finally had to admit defeat and just let it be. It looks much better than it was before, but my frustration with the patio made me take the backyard from this:

to this:

(You can kind of see the patio there in the background). I went to Home Depot and rented one of their gas powered roto-tillers and completely tore up where we used have nice green (dead) grass. I also ripped out the metal laundry drying rack. You will also notice that my destruction carried over to the fence that used to run between our garage and house. (we have plans to hopefully add a fence between the house and the property line to leave the backyard nice and open and make the garage feel like it's part of the property)

I made sure to be very careful (the wife told me to be) with ripping out the planks on the fence. At the end I went through and removed all of the nails and cutoff the top and bottom of the wood to save for a later project in the house. It's our attempt at repurposing and being environmentally friendly in a nod to our bay area folk.
It basically means we have a big pile of wood that has been cut sitting on the driveway by the garage. Hopefully the yard will not be staying this way for long. My parents are coming up for a visit this coming weekend and we hope to knock out fixing the sprinkler system, laying down some sod, removing some of the plants, moving other plants and planting a vegetable garden. It's very ambitious, but it should be doable, since the temps are supposed to under 90 degrees for the weekend.

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