Monday, June 27, 2011

House Tour

So we are down to less than 10 boxes left!  Hallelujah!  There is still plenty of painting left to do, so it'll be a while before we get "after" pictures, plus you know I'm never done :)

For now, though, here are the "befores" and a few of our plans!

Here is the front of our house.  Future plans include taking out that tree that is growing out of the house (although it is not actually impacting the foundation yet), adding some black shutters and possibly painting the house a new color, a new (or re-painted and cleaned) storm door, and lots of pretty flowers in those flower beds.
This is our mini-entryway.  We will definitely be ripping out the carpet and probably refinishing the floors to be a darker (maybe Minwax Special Walnut?) and probably putting some kind of faux stained/frosted effect on the door's window.  I'm not that into creeper townies peeking through our door at night.

I guess I didn't take a great picture of the living room, but this our fireplace and awesome built-in.  Again, we want the carpet ripped out, and the built-ins and trim all need to be painted fresh and white.  Oh, and those walls are actually yellow, but hopefully not for long!

Gorgeous archway into the dining room.  Not much to do here, other than freshen up the trim, paint all of the walls, pull out the carpet, and re-stain the floors.  You know, nothing big!

This is our dining room.  It looks short, but it's actually quite huge!  You can see how our gigantic table fits into it here.

 I freshened up the paint on the built-in, but I pulled off all of the hardware and am waiting for an Anthropologie sale to find some fun replacements :)

Here's our kitchen.  It's actually also quite a bit bigger than it looks (apparently I suck at taking accurate pictures). It's nice and updated, but we've already pulled down that table and started painting.  Someday I might like to replace the hardware and paint the cabinets white, since you know, it's practically home blogger mandatory to have a white kitchen.

Off the kitchen is a laundry room.  Plans include built-ins on the right wall for storage, a new stackable washer/dryer where the dryer is, and a farmhouse sink where the washer is now.  There's a teeny-tiny bathroom off of this room too-no ideas there.

This is the back bedroom, currently our master.  Tommy has primed everything, and we were planning to paint it and put up some white paneling on the wall you can't see, just like Layla:

Someday I want my before and afters to be like Layla's.

This is the middle bedroom, now my craft room.  I want to put beadboard wallpaper up along with some pale pink paint on the top...if Tommy lets me :)  That's my closet, too, since I so generously gave Tommy the one closet in our bedroom.  I think for that I deserve some pink paint!

Here is our awesome bathroom with purple and yellow tile.  What aren't we going to do in here??  Claw foot tub, double vanity, new toilet, light fixtures, mirror, storage...oh my.

This is the front bedroom that was originally the master.  It does have two closets, but let's keep it real, we do live in Stockton, so a front bedroom is not such a great idea.  Plus, with all of the awesome windows and doors, there was no wall to put our gigantic bed on.

Overall, lots of fun work to do, but we're pretty happy with it :)

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