Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pillows for Lazy People

A few weekends ago, I had the inspiration to sew something.  I hadn't been to JoAnn's in a while, and they had some adorable fabric on sale in their interior section, so I picked up a half-yard of four fabrics that I liked for new pillows.  I believe the fabric was 40 or 50 percent off, and each piece cost around $4.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home, my laziness kicked in and I just really didn't feel like cutting or measuring.  I took the fabric and wrapped it around the pillows I already have on the couch, and it was a pretty close fit.  I figured with a few longer seam allowances, I could probably make it work :)

I didn't want a total train wreck on my couch, though, so I decided I should at least iron my seams before sewing so there was some sort of straight line.  Tommy has our iron up in Stockton, so I pulled a Tim Gunn and made it work:

Next, I went upstairs to my trusty ancient sewing machine.  I believe my mom got this when she graduated high school.  Still works like a charm!

For my end seams, I just folded the selvage edges of the fabric (I think it was 45" wide) over because it was the easiest to see without measuring.  I lined the edge up with the edge of my foot, and stitched right down.

After I had the two end seams, I overlapped the edges, like an envelope, with the right sides together.  I left an overlap of about 3" (I actually had to do a little measuring here) so that the pillow covers could come on and off easily.  They ended up being a little long, so I will probably do a 4" overlap next time.

The last step was to sew each side of the overlapping envelope with the right sides together. I used a 5/8" guide.

I then turned the pillow right side out and slipped it over the pillow form.  Voila!

Sometime after the first cover, I ran into a pest problem:

Regardless of the distraction, I think it took me less than an hour to do all 4 and set them up on the couch (please disregard the wrinkled slipcover, I'm thinking of following Miss Mustard Seed's tutorials to make my own).

Hooray!  Quick, easy, and painless!

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