Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Great Dining Table Adventure

We finally closed on our house on Friday, but last weekend we were allowed into the house and started paying the bills, even though we technically didn't own it yet. Obviously that meant we had to start furnishing the place. My wife found an awesome dining room table at Pottery Barn that was on clearance a few weeks ago. Our only problem was that the closest Pottery Barn to Stockton is in Pleasanton. Combine this with the fact that there was no way the table would fit in my SUV, and we were looking at having to pay for delivery. Pottery Barn was quoting us a $200 delivery fee, which my wonderful wife was absolutely positive that we could beat by picking it up ourselves. So we rented a Uhaul and off we went. Despite a light rain, we made it there and back and got the dining table off the Uhaul and onto the grass.

The box was so heavy we had to cut it open and carry it in piece by piece (and concern our new neighbors with the random knife in our yard).

We could have tried to use the dolly in the back of the Uhaul, but we didn't want to add any more to the bill, since we knew we were close to passing the amount it would have cost us to have it delivered by Pottery Barn.

The table was literally a solid piece of wood. All we had to do was add the legs and unscrew the support pieces....

And then giant table!

The table is pretty awesome. I have to give credit to my wife for picking it out, but it does highlight that we need to re-stain the floors, which is on the list of future projects.

Now for the fun "I-told-you-so" moment. We were quoted a $200 delivery fee and were determined to beat it. After 120 miles and $65 in gas, we ended up with a final bill of $216! So we failed, but at least we were also able to use the Uhaul to starting moving stuff out of my temporary studio apartment.

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