Saturday, April 9, 2011


It seems like whenever Tommy is gone for a weekend, I end up doing some kind of ruffly project (see the last time).  Since he's officially moved into his new apartment in Stockton for the next 2-3 months, I may have to expand my horizons;  I'm pretty sure there is a limit to the amount of ruffles he'll tolerate. Before getting started, I needed a few key supplies:

The Doggfather and some Jack and Diet.

I'll have what she's having ;)
Do you want to know the train of thought behind turning this movie on?  No?  That's ok.  I was watching Barney showcase his playbook on How I Met Your Mother.  One of his "plays" involves finding a desperate woman at the top of the Empire State Building.  This led me to Sleepless in Seattle, which led me to When Harry Met Sally, which also happens to be on my Top 5 Movies of All Time, along with Legally Blonde, Billy Madison, Grease, Mean Girls, and Christmas Vacation (ok, that's 6 total, but Christmas Vacation is a holiday movie, so I think it deserves its own category).

Now, onto the actual crafting.  I was inspired by Northwest Hospitality to use coffee filters to create a lampshade.  Hers looks great, right?  Cheap and easy, and I'm sold.  Sarah's tutorial suggested using a hot glue gun, which would be an excellent idea, except that I don't have one.  You may be asking yourself how that could be possible.  I asked myself the same question.  I even considered driving to Walmart, but since Snoop had been out for a while, I decided that might not be prudent. I could have waited to do the project, but then Snoop and Sally would have been for nothing.  In replacement? I had to try a few things before making it work like Tim Gunn.

Attempt #1:
Staples.  I tested one to see if it would leave holes in the lampshade, with success...except that I injured myself :(

After Band-Aiding up (like suiting up, but less cool), I tried again, but the shade wasn't sturdy enough to use the pressure.

Attempt #2
Well, luckily enough, we have some leftover packing tape from Tommy's mini-move (along with a giant roll of bubble wrap.  I'll try to contain myself so we have some left for the real move). 

After getting a few on, and perfecting my tape tearing routine, the tape seemed to be pretty successful.  I'm not sure how long-term this will be, but at least if Tommy decides he hates it, I basically just have to pull off one big pile of tape!

About halfway through the project, I realized that I had lost my faithful helper.  She was suffering from separation anxiety all day long after being picked up from her Kitty Condo after 4 days of human house hunting.  That must have been exhausting, and I'm sure she passed out under the bed. "Luckily", she came back to investigate.

Finally, and right before Harry and Sally underwent their magical transition from friends to couple, I finished!

Glue gun or not, I think it turned out pretty well!  Score one for the desperate crafters.  Now, I'm off to Walmart to buy a real glue gun.


  1. looks awesome! i can barely tie my shoes.... :)

  2. Lol, you were drinking Jack and Coke by yourself? And how is a lampshade completely covered in layers of thin paper not a fire hazard?


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