Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Well, actually, in San Diego, spring's been done sprung. (Do you like that downness coming through? That's what you get for teaching high school. See also "beasted" and "coolin") Since it is perpetually 72 degrees and sunny here, it's a little hard to get excited for the season, but spring is traditionally the season of pastels, and you know I love a good pastel, so I'm managing to psych up a bit. More importantly, spring is the season of the NCAA tournament, and I'm pretty proud of my Morehead State upset pick yesterday. Unfortunately, my seniors had their portfolios due today, and since they surprisingly, or not, procrastinated until this week to finish them, I have been running in a million directions and unable to sit at my computer all day and watch the games on like a good fan (have you seen their "Boss" button? Pulls up a fake Outlook email, complete with clickable folders!). Oh, the life of being a teacher. Can you believe how selfless I am to put my seniors above college basketball? Truth: If Kansas had been scheduled to play any time before 4:00 on Friday, it might have been a different story. Rock Chalk.

I digress.

My actual intention was to show you some pretty pictures I took of the flowers I bought at Trader Joe's (which have lasted almost 2 full weeks!). Even though we have a dinky point-and-shoot camera, we did choose one with at least a few customizable features, so I have been playing with the white balance and exposure. I figured if we buy a house and remodel the crap out of it, I might actually blog regularly (especially if I'm unemployed, since you know those darn kids take up so much time), and I should probably know how to take decent pictures. So, along with some fun edits in Picnic, here are some fun spring flowers:

Don't worry, our cat knocked all of those nice white flowers off the branches shortly after I took pictures. At least she waited, right?

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