Sunday, January 2, 2011

Now that the wedding's over...

...I can start blogging again :) I am going to do one DIY project or detail of the wedding at a time, with lots of instructions and pictures. But first...check out our photographer's website for our amazing wedding pictures! My first detail of the day is going to be how amazing Bre was. When my friend (and bridesmaid) Lauren first suggested her, I was a little nervous. Brand new wedding photographer, friend of a can imagine. But as soon as I checked out her website and saw some of her images, I knew this girl had a gift. Once we started emailing back and forth, it was love. After our amazing engagement session, I was totally sold. See?

Anyway, I was so excited to have her, and as the day got closer, she got busier and I was able to see many of her gorgeous images from other weddings and sessions. Once she was finally here, she jumped in to catch every moment and detail, starting with some prep work the night before.

I love that she managed to make our piles of chaos look nice.  However, I'd like to think that by the next morning, those piles of chaos actually did turn into something nice.  I was pretty specific in asking Bre to cover lots of the details that I worked so hard on (I may have had a three column list of "Pictures We'd Love to Have").  She did an amazing job of capturing everything, as you can see on her blog.  She also captured so many of the people who helped us so much over the entire weekend.  Some of those pictures captured even more precious memories than what happened during the wedding itself.

Family, friends, everybody jumped in to make it happen.  We were so blessed by everyone to make the perfect weekend happen!  Thank you to all of you!  And, if you happen to live in the Sacramento (or I believe Riverside now?) area, please look up Bre when you need photos!  She's wonderful!

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