Friday, January 28, 2011

Non-traditional bouquets

Don't get me wrong, I love flowers.  I love flower bouquets.  I think flowers are insanely beautiful, and I think it would be a serious tragedy to have a wedding without any flowers--but I have seen some GORGEOUS bouquet alternatives lately.  Although I used real flowers for my bouquet (pictured above--check out my florist here), I had my bridesmaids carry pinwheels:
I used a kit from Crossoads Cottage on Etsy--they'll make them for you with your choice of papers, or they'll send you the template and materials to DIY. I love me some DIY, and I found the perfect paper at Scrappin Attack, so I chose the kit option.  They really made the day so fun, and I still got to have my own gorgeous flowers :)
I was playing around on Etsy earlier today, and I saw this bouquet from Posh Mish Mosh that I think would be super cute:
Balloons have been popping up all over the place too, and when I first saw this picture in Martha Stewart Weddings and these images from Simple Dress last year, I was 100% obsessed with the idea of having the bridesmaids carry balloons:
Continuing the Etsy search, I found Miss Jennifer Rae and her beautiful button bouquets.  Who doesn't love buttons?
Last, but not least, Fantasy Floral Designs has INSANE bouquets made out of antique brooches.  The detail and visual interest of these bouquets are unbelievable--you have to check out the rest of the images on their website!
So many fun choices!  What do you think? Are you a die-hard floral fan, or would you consider doing something non-traditional like one of these choices?

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