Friday, January 7, 2011

The Murtough List

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?

You should.

Amendment: You should if you are old enough that 30 doesn't seem old, and young enough that you aren't offended by Barney (check his hilarious blog for offensiveness here.  Don't judge me for putting it on my RSS reader).

Second Amendment: Ok, I think 30 seems old. So old enough that you don't think married people are lame.

Which is why the Murtough list is so important.  Apparently Murtough is a character from Lethal Weapon (I've never seen it--again, reserve judgment please) who says "I'm too old for this stuff" a lot.  So the characters of HIMYM make a Murtough list of things they are too old to do.

So why am I synopsising synopsizing providing you with a synopsis of a tv episode?

Because, my friends.  Tommy and I suffer from Murtough syndrome.  In other words, we are old.
*Note, to find out if you are old, even if you are only 23, take the quiz on Barney's blog.

But tonight...tonight, Tommy and I are doing something young.  Ish.

We are going out.

To a bar.

With other young people.

We may even participate in young people activities at the bar, like...well...I don't know what young people do.  Drink Lemon Drops?  Definitely on the Murtough list.  I hope we don't have to drink Lemon Drops.

I'll let you know how it goes.

And tomorrow, we're going to resume our old people status and go to the Home Show in San Diego.  I'll keep you posted on the free sampleage.

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