Monday, January 3, 2011

Make it work!

So, who doesn't love Tim Gunn?

Last Labor Day, when I was mid-way through a Project Runway marathon and it was still approximately 98 degrees (sorry, couldn't resist the nod to my second favorite boyband) outside, I was craving fall clothes like crazy, so I went to the fabric store with my mom. Apparently Simplicity has a new(to me) line of Project Runway inspired patterns--they even come with their own croquis for you to create your own design based on the pattern. Since I used make my own clothing catalogs, and they were on sale for $2, I bought three patterns!

Anywho, I chose the following three patterns: a boucle and velvet vest, the gray jumper, and my always favorite blue and white striped shirtdress.

Photos from Simplicity.

So, finally, in December, when I'm getting ready for spring clothes, I had some time to sew. I already had the gray fabric for the jumper, and I had cut the patterns PERFECTLY with my mom over Thanksgiving. Definitely not brave enough to sew without her yet. Unfortunately, after 45 attempts at pockets finally paying off, I realized the whole thing was approximately 4 sizes too large. I used the measurements on their sizing chart, but it was waaaay off. After putting in all that work on the pockets, I couldn't imagine starting over, so I just took an inch or so off the side seams. It fits ok now, but it's still not superb. So, as Mr. Gunn would say, "Make it work." My next option was to try to create a rosette for it based on this tutorial, but I couldn't get it to work with the shape of scraps I had left. I even tried to use my Cricut to cut out a bunch of flower shapes to make a different kind of rosette, but the material was cut on the bias, so it just moved around a lot. Making it work, not so much. Since it is now March, and I'm over the "cute fall clothes" thing for at least 4 more months, I've temporarily given up, hoping that in those 4 months inspiration will come to me and I'll find something to inspire me to wear it at least once.

Today's lesson? Well, I don't really know. Don't follow the sizing guides on patterns? I feel as though that could be risky. How about--stick to sewing craft and accessory projects only? That ought to be safe! Sorry, Tim Gunn.

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