Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Kitchen

When we moved into our new apartment in May the apartment was beige with white trim, which is a wonderful step up from the white on white of all the other apartments we looked at. However, my wife wanted to make the apartment more like a home, so we decided to paint our apartment. Our apartment is 2 bedrooms with a loft, which creates a spacious feeling in the family room, but also a lot of wall area that could potentially be painted. After a fruitful discussion it was decided that the loft, guest bedroom, and kitchen should be painted. So our first attempt at paint the kitchen was to paint it yellow. As you can see below it was an utter failure on our part and was blah. But since were also in the middle of planning our wedding (well mostly my wife with me providing labor where necessary and nodding and smiling) the kitchen repainting has to wait a while.

So after our wedding in July we got around to painting the kitchen again. It was relatively cheap too.

Step 1: Taped off the Kitchen

Step 2: Primer over the yellow! I choose a primer and paint combo that would save time since some of our stripes were going to be white.

Step 3: Tape off the Stripes

The key to the stripes was to decide how bold of a stripe we wanted. After that we made sure to measure out the distances using a tape measure and marking the wall with pencil at different intervals so that I could have guidance when taping. I found it easiest to start at the top of the wall and let the tape hang. I combined this with a level to make sure the tape was somewhat level.  After the paint dried we peeled off the tape and this is what we got:

The other key to the stripes is to make sure you get a good foam paint brush from Lowe's or Home Depot. This brushes were perfect for cleaning up any bleeding that occurred because of our walls not being even. We love the way our kitchen turned out and have since updated the final look, which we will explain in another post.

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