Monday, January 17, 2011

I promise my husband said it was OK!

To put pink in our living room, that is.  When we moved in together, he implemented a very strict "no pink" policy.  Perhaps because my old apartment looked like this:
Actually, that's not that bad.  What was he worried about?
Oh yeah, my room in Alpha Phi looked like this (I was Elle Woods for Halloween):
To my credit, I have cooperated extremely well.  To his credit, he gave me the loft upstairs for my craft room and we painted it pink, so I do have a Mindy space (complete with Christmas card disaster).
To my credit, I gave him the guest room and we painted it blue, so he has a Tommy space.
Since we are both only children, we think having a boy room and a girl room is a pretty reasonable solution.  But now, I am breaking the rules.
We used a really pretty cranberry color for Christmas, so I was a little red-ed out.  I don't normally decorate much for Valentine's day, but when I Tommy pulled out my Valentine's Day decorations box, I realized how pathetic it was.  A few stuffed animals, dried roses, and a "Hex Your Ex" voodoo doll leftover from college.
Whomp whomp.
I've been toying slightly obsessed with making a wreath since before Christmas.  I think I blame Ashley at The Domestic Wannabe for this post.  I particularly loved the felt ruffle wreath that she found a tutorial for here.  Since our JoAnn's is sooooo far away, I decided to try out Walmart's fabric selection.  Trust me, I do not get great joy out of going to Walmart (like I do from going to Target), unless I see a People of Walmart candidate. However, they're close, and apart from the insane lines, somewhat convenient.  At times.  Like when it's a 30-minute drive to the closest fabric store.  The other benefit? Usually, it's insanely cheap.  I found two cute felts, one cream and one raspberry, both at around $3 a yard.  I bought a half-yard of both, thinking I may mix colors, or I may just use one, but for about $1.50 each, who cares?
Once I got home, I had grand illusions of using a craft punch or my Cricut to cut the circles, but with absolutely no success.  I did use the craft punch to cut a cardboard template from a LOFT flier (hehe yes, I cut off their heads!) I got in the mail...which left approximately 500 circles left to trace and cut on the actual fabric.

I enlisted Tommy to help trace, and I cut.  We may both have carpal tunnel syndrome now. Unfortunately, Tommy left to escape the crafting for a bachelor party in Vegas this weekend, so I was left with another helper:
You can read the tutorial that I linked to above, but once you've cut the circles, it's a pretty simple, though time-consuming process to pin the circles onto the wreath frame. It took me about 20 minutes to get this far:
I started speeding up as I went though.  It was definitely trial and error to play with how tight I wanted the ruffles to be.  I ended up not having enough fabric to cover the entire wreath--I probably would have gotten a full yard to cover the inside and outside thoroughly.  I had already imagined hanging it with a pretty pink satin ribbon, so I decided to use the rest of the ribbon to cover the edges that weren't ruffled, and it worked great!

I think it looks pretty good! Especially with all of my Picnik edits.  I'm still learning our camera (not that it's anything fancy), so I like playing with the editing to make it look somewhat more interesting.  I'm sure I'll be back in 5 years, when I actually know how to work a camera, and laugh.
Grand total? $6.73
Fabric (Walmart): $1.47
Straight Pins (Walmart): $1.67
Wreath frame (Michael's): $3.59 thanks to the magical 40% off coupon!
Ribbon: free! leftover from the wedding :)
I've also been slowly but surely adding a few other pink touches around the dining room.  We just got some wedding prints and black frames, so I'm hoping to next add some shelves for them soon.  For now, just a little bit of pink:
The printable came from Becky Higgins, and I originally saw it on Ucreate here! Thanks for the beautiful design and even more beautiful meaning behind it :)

Happy pinkness!

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