Thursday, January 27, 2011

All I want for Valentine's Day is a soapbox.

So this year, the hubs and I decided to keep Valentine's Day pretty low key.  You saw how well my decorating is coming along in this post...and I have made zero new progress.  Add to that the fact that we are still recovering from the money hemorrhage of Christmas and my spring tuition, and the fact that Valentine's Day is actually kinda stupid, and we just really weren't that into it.  Oh, and I have a doctor's appointment that day.  Despite the hopes and dreams of two of my favorite students, A and K, not the baby kind.  Just a regular old yearly lady exam (sorry for the overshare).  Not exactly the stuff of romance novels.
However, after we made this decision, our local radio morning show host was talking about how his wife said that he didn't have to do anything for V-Day, and asked the listeners if it was a trap.  About 90% of the listeners voted that regardless of what the wife said, he did indeed have to do something.  So now I think that maybe I am tricking my hubby--without even knowing it!
So, baby, I want you to know, I don't need anything chocolate or sparkly (although you know we'll be hitting those after V-Day candy sales!!), but there is one thing you promised me that you could come through with for Valentine's Day:  my soapbox.
Come on--beer and fishing?  You can't beat that.
Those who know me well know that I have a major slight tendency to rant, mostly about how California sucks and the Midwest is far superior.  People are nice, land is cheap enough that we could live on a lake, and cheerleaders are popular--what's not to love?
Can you believe my students don't think I'm cool?  Look how cute I am!
I digress.  Which is why I need my soapbox!  One day, Tommy got so sick of hearing me go off about California's suckiness, or education policy, or something, so he told me he was going to build me a soapbox.  This way, when I am on my soapbox, I am actually on my soapbox.  He promised to paint it with a giant Jayhawk to pay homage to my alma mater (so what if I never actually went to school there?  They offered me a scholarship and gave me a dictionary with my name in it!).
So baby, I'm still waiting for my soapbox.  I sure could have used it during the State of the Union.  If you decide that I'm tricking you about Valentine's Day, here's an idea :)

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