Thursday, April 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Four Months

Sweet baby girl, somehow you are TWO!  You are just having a language and personality explosion lately, and you certainly seem much more like a little girl than a baby.  You love to tell stories, and you feel very strongly about the stories you are telling, punctuating them with yells and emphatic hand gestures.  Your personality is SO BIG in every way - loving and mischievous and stubborn and sweet and funny and goofy and silly and aggressive.  You are certainly living up your terrible twos in some ways, although it seems like you might just have mellowed out a bit in the last week or two.  Maybe those constant time-outs are paying off!
You still basically only eat like 5 foods, but it's fine, and we quit fighting it.  You are clearly growing just fine, and have no shortage of energy.  At home, you are sleeping like a champ, although sometimes you take foreverrrrr to fall asleep, doing all kinds of weird things in your crib while you settle down.  When you're tired, you turn into a manic Tasmanian devil child, so you still haven't made it past a 6 pm bedtime, but we can go out and do things that push naps back without much of an issue as long as there as something fun to see and do.  
Movies and TV are still a hit, and you are starting to predict/narrate what is happening in them, which is super fun!  It's also my favorite time to cuddle, because you love to crawl on my lap and snuggle.  You LOVE reading and imaginative play, and will play with Lilly or by yourself for a long period of time in some kind of imaginary scenario.  It is so cute to hear what your little mind comes up with for your characters.  You are starting to pick up on interactive games too, like counting hiding, and searching during hide-and-seek (and I can now confirm that apparently you can count to 10!).  Your characters are probably your #1 favorite thing to play with (Duplo people, Barbies, miniature figures, etc), but you do love your baby doll as well.  You are fascinated with real babies, especially our friend Baby Callie, and you even named your new doll after her.  You are getting to be about 90% gentle with her, but occasionally you still hug too much or push her over just to see what happens.
Another favorite lately is playing outside, especially bug hunting.  You love to find rolly-polies for Lilly, and are so proud when you spot one, or a snail.  The water table is finally fun, and I think summer is going to be a blast.
Madeline, you give the best hugs and kisses, you love your sister fiercely and mostly want to be just like her, and even though you give us a run for our money, you are such a smushy ball of adorableness when you do your arms-crossed-stubborn-pout that we can hardly help ourselves.  I love seeing your little personality develop as you grow into yourself.  You are so loved, baby girl!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Three Months

Madeline Grace, somehow you will be TWO next month.  What the what?!  You are definitely acting like a typical two-year-old, though, so I know you're ready!  You have gotten into the habit of crossing your arms VERY aggressively when you say "NO!" with those pursed little lips in a pouty face.  Add in some pigtails and it is adorably stereotypical two-year-old.  You have added some new phrases to your "no" vocabulary, such as "don't want to" or "won't do it."  So that's fun.  You've also got a scream that could wake the dead when you're angry.  As cute as you are, I won't mind when you grow out of that, you stubborn little thing.
On the bright side, you are also picking up things like counting - I think you can mostly get to 10 although I don't think you have any idea what those numbers mean.  You know all of your colors, and are starting to pick up a few letters.  You know S and W because they are on every driveway when we go for walks!  You love wearing shoes and you love going outside, so thankfully the rain should be letting up soon.  You are also still going pretty hard with the jewelry, although you'd really prefer to just give your bracelets to random people.  You do love to share, unless you've determined that something is "MINE!"  You are also stringing together sentences all the time now, but you are also perfectly happy to yell things incoherently.  It's pretty hilarious.
We visited Colorado this month, and you got to meet your cousins Ada and Henry.  You slept decently at their house, but oh my word you were a nightmare in the hotel.  Definitely not going on any overnight trips again soon!  Maybe when you're three...
Also, I found the CUTEST Dr. Seuss dresses for this spring, and your sister obviously had to join you in your photo shoot this month so she could wear her beautiful new dress too.  This picture of the two of you cracks me up because it shows your relationship perfectly...Lilly is being sweet to you and you are smirking, probably planning something.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Two Months

Oh my gosh, child, somehow you grew again this month.  Probably like 2 inches.  Seriously, you are a giant.  With that came this crazy eating boycott, where you got even more picky (which was superfun and also made no sense because you'd think growing would make you hungry...), and I actually thought maybe you were getting those last molars, but no such luck.
This month you have come up with some of my favorite new phrases.  You still love to give your love, and lately you'll run up to someone, give the tightest squeezy hug, and say "I missed you, I missed you!"  Heart.  Melted.  You also do it between your dolls which is so funny to eavesdrop on.  You will also pick special toys (or random objects) and hug them to you and exclaim, "I love it!"  So stinking cute.  Along with these funny sayings, your singing has become more recognizable this month.  You love to sing "keen up" when we clean up, and the other day I finally realized that when you were giving me a "chep up," you were singing the whole Doc McStuffins song.  Still working on the tune, but it's so cute!  You are also OBSESSED with hiding, which often means you just dive onto the couch and yelling "I HIDING" in full view.  Lilly desperately wants you to play Hide and Seek with her, but I'm not sure either of you really have the hiding concept down yet!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-One Months

WHY DO YOU SUDDENLY LOOK LIKE YOU GREW UP OVERNIGHT?!  I mean, again with the skeptical face, but to be fair, I did take your picture right after naptime.  I can't get over how much more grown-up you're looking lately, although I think a lot of it is because your hair is suddenly getting really long.  Your love of accessories is still going strong-you love your "neck" along with bows, bracelets, and shoes.  Oh the shoes.  Your Papa got you some super-fancy-light-up-high-tops for Christmas and you. are. obsessed.  You stomp and prance around in them and it's just hilarious. Along with brushing your teeth, putting on shoes is a great way to bribe you to get ready to go somewhere.

You had just as much fun at Christmas as I expected, although by now I think we are all burnt out and wacky from all of the time off of routine, plus all.the.things.  Other than the shoes, I would say your favorite toy was a Doc McStuffins Duplo set, but really just the little characters, particularly Lambie ("wammy").  Your language has just taken off again lately, and you are putting together sentences all the time, so whenever you can't find Lambie, you will say "Uh-oh. Where wammy go? Wammy, are ooooooooo?" with your hands on your cheeks.  It is so funny.  You basically can repeat any word we say and then file it away, and you are putting subjects and verbs together often.  This is absolutely always my favorite stage, when the language just takes off! I think your favorite thing is to be understood, because if we repeat it back to you and get it right, you just beam with joy and nod, "HUH!" On the other hand, if you say something and we don't understand it, oh the frustration.  Soon, sister, soon we will be completely past the language barrier!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Twenty Months

I just love this picture of you, little goober!  You are certainly filled with personality and funny faces, even though you also love a big cheesy grin.  Even though you are being goofy, I think it's safe to say that you are excited for Christmas already.  We spent Thanksgiving weekend getting the house ready for our annual Christmas party, and you LOVE it, especially the twinkly lights.  You will put your face right up to the bulbs on the garland on the stairs, and when I remind you not to touch them, you play it off by going "OOH!"  You also recognize Santa, and we've started reading a cute book called Santa Mouse, so I think you actually think his name is Santa Mouse instead of Santa Claus, because you call him "Tan-tah Mow."  More importantly, you also know Jesus, and love to play with the baby Jesus in your new nativity set.  I'm glad he's your favorite :)  You had some fun at our Christmas party, but ultimately were escorted upstairs pretty quickly because you still really can't hang past 6:00.  You are so ornery when you are tired, and you just laugh and run away when you refuse to do what you're told, which is usually the cue to take you upstairs.  Nevertheless, everyone thought you were pretty cute and you gave some good cheesy grins.  This season is already so fun with the two of you, and I can't wait for you to get to open some presents! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Nineteen Months

Happy Halloween, little Minnie Mouse!  You were so thrilled to dress up as Minnie, and to see your sister as Daisy.  In fact, I think you thought the whole Halloween thing was pretty awesome.  We went Trick-or-Treating (first time for either of you!) on the Miracle Mile, and even though I kept you in the stroller and collected minimal candy for you, you got your first glorious taste of a lollipop from Lilly's ballet teachers, and oh my goodness were you enthralled.  I mean, I guess I'm glad you tried something new?  I would have preferred a vegetable, but whatever.  You were thrilled to have your own bag to carry around, too, and I think it's safe to say that you enjoy accessories just as much as Lilly does!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Eighteen Months

Eighteen months is always one of my favorite ages because you are really transitioning from baby to toddler and with that comes so much more independence and so much less frustration!  That said, you are still a stubborn little thing, and full of sugar AND spice.  So much spice.  You are a little clown who loves to make everyone laugh, especially if it involves being naughty.  You love pushing the envelope, but you have to make sure someone is watching.  You are refusing to try ANYTHING new lately, and even refusing some of your previous favorite foods-I think that may have something to do with working on those pesky canine teeth at some point soon.  It makes dinner challenging, though, and we think that's part of why you wake up so early, because you are just so darn hungry.

You are loving your baby dolls and putting them to sleep, yelling at us all to SHH.  My favorite new words are "nack" (snack), "wap" (lap), and "Joo" (George, as in Curious), and "bahg" (bag).  You love your bags, or carrying anything.  You are great at cleaning up ("keenup")...when you want to.  I can't wait to dress you up for Halloween in your Minnie Mouse costume-you are obsessed with Minnie and Mickey!  Dress-up in general is a big hit; you insist on bows ALWAYS, you love wearing bracelets and necklaces, and you are offended until you can put your shoes on!  Gosh, you are cute though!

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